Labrador And Pitbull Mix – Everything You Need To Know

When the breeders mixed the two breeds of Labrador and Pitbull, it gave birth to the Labrabull dogs. But people are often curious about these mixed breed Labrabull dogs, especially the thinking of keeping them as pets. They’re generally medium-sized energetic dogs.

If anyone ever asks you, what is it like to have a Labrabull? You can tell them that most of these Labrabull pups get the best of their parents; they grow up to be lively, loyal, and respectful towards their owners, the qualities that they inherit from their parents.

Few points out about Labrabull

Here are some basic point-outs about Labrabulls that you need to know:

  • The Labrador and Pitbull mixed breed is also known as Pitadors.
  • Being a mixed breed, they often face unfortunate conditions and get less adopted by families. They’re usually found in shelter homes and rescue centers.
  • Spreading knowledge about Labrabulls will let people know more about this designer bread and help them get loving homes.
  • They’re like pure breeds pups with a sweet nature who can love you unconditionally and protect you and your family from any danger. However, they’re best suited for dog parents who have prior experience owning dogs.
  • Although they are available in various colors like yellow, gray, black, brown, silver, they’re primarily found in the shades of pure black with white spots.
  • Labrabulls are terrified of being left alone. If they’re left alone for a long time, they can harm and show destructive behavior related to psychological reasons.
  • They’re more lively around children, but you should never leave your baby and dog alone, especially when they’re both too young to understand things.

Nature and personality

The Labrabulls are highly energetic dogs who are loving and loyal to their owners. They’re never lazy and most likely prefer a good run or a fetch game rather than a peaceful afternoon nap. At the same time, they love their cuddle sessions with the owners at the end of a bright day.

Compared to other puppies, they have tight and rough appearances, but it doesn’t match their personality. As wild and friendly they appear to be, they get afraid of things quickly and are frightened of being alone, big bullies, etc.

But when it comes to their families, they’re very protective and wouldn’t think once before showing aggression to anyone who’s posing a threat to their family.

When trained, they do very well in sports, but they thrive highly in positive rewards and reinforcements. They’re muscular and intelligent enough to catch something quickly while training.

Caring for Labrabull

Taking care of Labrabulls is no less or more than taking care of any other pet dog.

Here are a few tips to help you care for your Labrabull better:

  • To detect health concerns, you need to prepare a care routine to keep track of all the veterinary checkup dates.
  • You should know that Labrabulls are more prone to weight gain than other breeds; you should make your dog exercise at least one hour a day. Take it for daily walks or engage it with other running activities.
  • As they have got a lot of pent-up energy, it needs to be realized to calm them. So it’s better to play with them or take them out for a good run.
  • You’ve regularly checked their ears to clean pests and debris. Trim your puppy’s nails twice a month before they get too long.
  • Maintaining the oral health of Labrabulls is a genuine concern for owners and dog parents. You need to brush your dog’s teeth more than once a week so that all the tartar build ups can be removed.
  • You can ask the vet’s suggestions about daily brushing to prevent gum diseases. Brushing your dog’s teeth daily can prevent bad breath too.

Tips on Grooming a Labrabull

If you’re looking for tips to groom your Labrabull, here you’ll find some of the helpful ones:

  • Unlike other breeds, Labrabulls have short and spare fur, which is why they’re easy to clean and groom.
  • You can brush it once or twice per week after an occasional bath to maintain its texture.
  • Keep a cost ready for your pup or dog to protect it from the cold for the winter seasons. It may also need sunscreen on the ears during the mid-summer months.

Diseases and health issues

The mixed-breed Labrabull dogs don’t face going through any specific or severe health condition. Still, they are predisposed to the conditions that Labrador Retrieves and American Pitbulls get affected. While most of them are fit and healthy, some of the pups may be a little more prone to suffer conditions like OCD, Bloating, Epilepsy, Hyperthyroidism, etc.

You must take good care of your Labrabulls dogs to ensure that they’re healthy. You also need to take your dogs for routine veterinary check ups too.


If you’re thinking of getting a Labrabull, a mixed breed of Labrador Retrievers and Pitbull, go ahead to adopt one. You can train them too quickly and adorably. You can check out various rescue centers to look for Labrabulls to adopt them too.

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