Labrador Retriever Size & Weight Chart

The Labrador Retriever is well-known all around the globe for being the best family pet dog. If you’re a lucky parent of a Labrador retriever or will be, you need to know everything about your pup’s growth and development. Labrador Retrievers grow and develop differently. Although sometimes you may find your pup growing faster or … Read more

Labrador Dog Lifespan

The typical lifetime of a Labrador Retriever is 12 to 12.5 years. According to a recent study, chocolate Labradors live 10.7 years on average, much fewer than black and yellow Labradors. Various factors determine the life expectancy of labs. Among them are diet, healthcare, and management, as well as genetic disorders. We’ll look at these … Read more

Top 6 Labrador Colors: Differences, Genetics & Rarest Coat

For years, the Labrador Retriever has reigned supreme as America’s most popular dog breed. Labrador retrievers are both devoted and caring companions as well as hardworking employees. There is no denying that Labrador Retrievers are popular and well-liked worldwide. Nonetheless, there is a discussion on which colour is the finest! Black, yellow, and chocolate are … Read more

10 Most Popular Labrador Puppies Names.

Do you have a Labrador retriever with you? Well, it is going to fill up spaces for both a sweet companion as well as a working dog. However, they are living with a famous identity for ages which is “ fisherman’s helpers”. This breed tops the list of all types of dogs. A Labrador is … Read more

Types Of Labrador Retrievers

Over the last fifty years, two distinct varieties of Labrador have emerged. This article will show you how to recognize the difference between show-bred English Labradors and working American Labradors. We’ll also assist you in determining which of these two distinct sorts of Labrador Retriever is the finest pet for your household. Their origins will … Read more