Parti Poodle – Breed Profile & Information

Parti Poodles are multicolored dogs with at least 50% white hair in coat color and another coat color patch. These patches can be black, brown, cream, blue or red and can occur anywhere on the poodle’s body. This is a particular type of coloring in Poodles. This particular type of poodle is a wonder to … Read more

Top 10 Longest Living Dog Breeds

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How To Train German Shepherd At Home

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Poodle Growth & Weight Chart

Are you thinking of adopting a poodle for your own ? Can’t determine which one, a standard, a miniature, or a mini poodle are best for you ? Then this article can be perfect for you. This article will provide detailed information about poodle growth and weight charts. That can help you a lot to … Read more

Golden Retriever Growth And Weight Chart

Pup owners are often found worried about their pups’ growth and development. It’s no different for the Golden Retriever owners as they’re often found engaged in self-questioning themselves about their pups’ growth. Each breed of dog grows differently and this confuses many owners. Their height and weight vary in the same species, which depends on … Read more

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

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Labrador Retriever Size & Weight Chart

The Labrador Retriever is well-known all around the globe for being the best family pet dog. If you’re a lucky parent of a Labrador retriever or will be, you need to know everything about your pup’s growth and development. Labrador Retrievers grow and develop differently. Although sometimes you may find your pup growing faster or … Read more