How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

There are many breeds of dogs. Dogs are the most faithful pets, and people love dogs very much. But today, we are going to discuss golden retrievers. Golden Retrievers are the best choice to have them as your pet and share your life with. But if you’re going to have a golden retriever in your home, then you need to find out every tiny detail about them. The first question arises: Do golden retrievers shed? Then the answer is yes. They shed. These beautiful and glossy dogs shed hair moderately throughout the year and heavily during setting seasons. You cannot stop them from shedding, but what you can do is manage your golden retrievers from shedding effectively.

This article is a complete guide for those struggling with the Golden Retriever shed. We will give you some tips and tricks to reduce the shedding of Golden Retrievers. Here we will cover everything from the shedding seasons to the best products for managing shed. Everyone loves their pet and also takes care of them.

Golden Retriever Shedding Season

Do you know the shedding season of Golden Retrievers? Let’s discuss the shedding season of Golden Retrievers. Throughout the year, Golden Retrievers are moderate shedders. But when the shedding seasons come, they will be heavily shed. This means that their coat “blows off” and grows a new one ready for the new season. If you are searching for a dog that doesn’t shed much, we will suggest not having golden retrievers as your pet. As the golden retriever has a long coat, their shedding will be more than other low-shedding dog breeds. If you have a golden retriever, you have to spend some extra time cleaning and vacuuming your house.

 In shedding seasons, golden retrievers will shed most. Mostly Winter and Spring months are the shedding seasons of the dogs. The shedding of the dog helps them to regulate their body temperature. When the colder months hit, they will shift his light summer coat, ready to make way for his thick winter coat. But during the spring months, they will lose their heavy-duty winter jackets and make way for a lightweight summer coat. When blowing his skin, you need to groom your Golden Retriever every day. Whereas during the summer season, a thorough brush once every other day will be sufficient to manage his coat. Sometimes people wonder why my golden retriever is shedding so much in winter. Then let me be clear that mostly golden retrievers shed in winter. There is always a particular time or season for the dogs to shed.

Golden Retriever Coats

The most beautiful and lovable thing about Golden Retrievers is their long golden lustrous hair. It makes them more attractive. A golden retriever has a double coat consisting of two layers of fur. Each layer of golden retriever plays an important role and helps them protect their skin and keep them warm. The inside coat of the dog is dense and fluffy, which allows them to stay warm.

Moreover, their outer layer consists of long golden lustrous hair protecting them from the elements. So, the inner and outer layers of the golden retriever together create a hot jacket. We know that dogs are the heaviest shedders because of their layers and coats designed to keep them warm or cool in different seasons and climates. Golden Retrievers from the Scottish Highlands always needed a thick jacket that allowed them to work with their master all day long. So, the golden retriever shedding level is high in the spring and winter seasons.

Some Shedding Triggers of Golden Retriever

Several reasons are responsible for the additional shedding in Golden Retriever. So, let’s have a look at the cause of shedding-:

  • The change of season is the main reason and the biggest trigger of shedding still; you cannot change this. There are many other triggers that you can influence.
  • Stress and Anxiety is the other significant factor that can highly affect the shedding of golden retrievers. Like humans, Dogs also have feelings for the family, especially the golden retrievers. So, for some reason, dogs go through stress and Anxiety, which causes hair to fall quicker than it usually would. So, the owners need to take care of their Golden Retriever.
  • Sometimes parasites, fleas, and some allergies are responsible for excess shedding. To avoid this, you need to consult a veterinary doctor who can deal with this problem.
  • Skin Infection is also a primary trigger for hair loss. These are more serious than other triggers. You can easily see the infection in the skin of the dog. In this situation, you need to contact an excellent veterinary doctor, and he will recommend you reach out to your vet.

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