Labrador Retriever Size & Weight Chart

The Labrador Retriever is well-known all around the globe for being the best family pet dog.

If you’re a lucky parent of a Labrador retriever or will be, you need to know everything about your pup’s growth and development.

Labrador Retrievers grow and develop differently. Although sometimes you may find your pup growing faster or has become more extensive than it is supposed to be in its age, don’t worry about it as it’s entirely alright for the dogs to grow at their rate.

The females and the males show significant differences in height and weight as the male Labrador Retrievers grow more muscular and more prominent.

Basic knowledge about Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are medium to large dogs; they generally need more than a year to grow to their full size. But each Labrador Retriever pup grows at its scale and is unique; hence, the puppies with a more prominent bone structure take more than eighteen months to reach their size or fill their chest. However, most commonly, it is seen that the Labradors get close to or grow to their full size by their first birthday.

As the male Labrador Retrievers are more significant than the females, you may find your male pup to weigh more than 40 to 55 pounds at six months. But the females grow slower and weigh less than the male ones. The female dogs are expected to grow up to 35 to 45 pounds in their first six months.

However, it’s just an average calculation and the numbers may vary slightly in your case, which is completely fine. But if your dog is far behind or ahead of the said numbers in the Labrador Retriever size chart, it’s better to seek some medical attention to make sure it’s alright.

The Labrador Retriever weight chart

If you’re trying to find out more about the weights of Labrador Retrievers with their age, we’ll help you out with the necessary details that you need to know.

Below you’ll find the Labrador Retriever weight chart:


Age Weight
One month old The females weigh 2 to 6 lb.

The males weigh 3 to 5 lb.

Three months old The females weigh 20 to 25 lb whereas the males weigh 20 to 30 lbs
Six months old Female lab pups weigh 35 to 35 lb whereas the males grow up to 45 to 55 lb.
Eight months old 45 to 55 lb for the females, whereas the males weigh 50 to 65 lb.
Ten months old Male Labrador Retrievers grow and weigh up to 55 to 70 lb, whereas the females weigh 50 to 60 lb.
Twelve months old The females on their first birthday are likely to weigh 55 to 70 lb but the males weigh more than 65 to 80 lb.

How to measure the size of Labrador Retriever :

You can follow three separate ways to ensure that your pup is developing at a regular rate.

  • You need to know that it develops to reach its mature size and weighs by the first birthday of a Labrador Retriever pup. Although, if you’ve got an enormous Labrador Retriever, it will take up more time to fill its chest, which is reasonable. But you can’t expect your pup to grow significantly after the first 12 months of its age. The weight changes are minimal once a puppy reaches its first birthday.
  • You can know if your pup is growing right by seeing its paw size. You may find their paws looking oversized next to their legs or whole body, but it’s normal, and it will let you know that your pup is still growing at a natural rate.
  • The growth of a Labrador Retriever puppy also depends upon its genetics. While it’s expected that the numbers may vary slightly and each pup can grow at its rate, you need to contact your pup’s breeder or a vet to know the details about your pup’s health, including its average weight and size.

Labrador Retriever size information

If you’re looking to know about the Labrador Retriever size chart, we can help you out with the correct information.

You can’t expect a Labrador Retriever to grow up very long. They have a long tail but are little in the stocky size. But if you compare the size of their tails with other breeds, you’ll find them shorter.

Even though the height of every Labrador Retriever pup differs while it grows up, the average height of a fully grown male Retrieve is 22 to 25 inches. But the females are comparatively shorter in size. You can expect a female lab pup to grow up to 21 to 23 inches at maturity.

Besides, Labrador Retrievers are considered large size dogs with short legs compared to other breeds. Although the inches may slightly vary for each pup, see it as a guide. You can also seek veterinary help to know about your pup’s growth and development, which will help you make sure it’s healthy.


New pet parents are often found worried about their pups. They’re always trying to make sure that their little puppy is healthy and developing at its natural rate. Male Labrador Retriever pups grow up to 25 inches at their maturity, which is slightly more than the females. All kinds of significant growth of a Labrador Retriever happens within the first year of its life.

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