Parti Poodle – Breed Profile & Information

Parti Poodles are multicolored dogs with at least 50% white hair in coat color and another coat color patch. These patches can be black, brown, cream, blue or red and can occur anywhere on the poodle’s body. This is a particular type of coloring in Poodles.

This particular type of poodle is a wonder to look at and will make it a great companion for almost any person or lifestyle. Parti Poodles have many different aspects and rich and fascinating history.

Parti poodles are available in all types of poodles: toys, miniatures, and standard poodles.

Keep reading the rest to know more about parti poodles.


These dogs are brilliant and attach themselves intimately to one person like all poodles. They need daily exercise and interaction to be happy and fit. A bored parti poodle can become destructive or show unwanted behavior such as reactivity or separation anxiety. If you don’t have at least 2 hours a day to take care of your poodle, this is not the right dog. Poodles tend to be a “nervy” breed, which means they can quickly develop anxiety, the unwanted habit of urinating inside, or excessive barking if they do not have enough time and engagement with their owner.

Poodles are not known to work well if left alone for long periods. If you work long hours or like to go on weekends, this is probably not the right dog.

Training your Parti Poodle

As I said earlier, Parti Poodles require daily mental and physical exercises. To make him a well-behaved adult dog, you have to start his training from a very early age which is a joy to be around. You have to use only positive reinforcement methods to work with your dog. Lots of treats are the best way to show him how you want to treat him. Let’s see the most important skills to teach your Parti Poodle. Those are

  • Sit politely, if asked
  • Walking well on a leash
  • Don’t jump on people
  • Not running out the door
  • Coming when called

Hundreds of training videos and ideas can turn your poodle into the best companion of your dreams.


Many owners choose poodles and blends for their hypoallergenic properties and their non-shading coat. But that doesn’t mean your parti poodle won’t need to be brushed or bathed!

It is essential to brush your poodle coat several times a week and have it trimmed and bathed by a professional groom every one or two months. Matting in their thick coat can happen quickly, and it can get so bad that the dog needs to shave the skin. Every poodle-owner should start bringing their dog from the puppy to a caregiver – this way; the coat is always well maintained and looks great.

Colors and Patterns of Proper Parti Poodles

The term “parti” refers to how a poodle is partially or specially colored. Parti poodles are predominantly white and partially covered in a seemingly random spot throughout the coat. Parti poodles are different from other multicolored poodles because their symbols are set on a white base, they are placed randomly, and the characters do not imprint white.

No two parti poodles have the same mark at all. Like fingerprints, each pattern of parti poodles is different from all others. No matter the color, no effect will be in a predictable pattern.

The exact parti poodles have some differences from solid colored poodles or many other colored poodles. Their coat sets them apart from other poodles. Parti poodles have an exciting history, and the debate over how they are viewed in the competitive world is also enjoyable.

How long do Parti Poodles live?

Parti poodles survive just like their solid color counterparts. This is about 13 years for a standard poodle, 15 years for a tiny poodle, and 17 years for a toy poodle.(Small dogs live longer than large dogs, this is true of any breed or mix)

Dyeing their hair does not affect their health in any way. It’s just a different look.

Pros and Cons of Parti Poodles


  • Easy to train
  • Very friendly
  • Show lots of unconditional love
  • Save for children
  • Great for other pets
  • Playful and intelligent
  • A minimum amount of shedding
  • Maintain suitable attachment with owners
  • No additional grooming required


  • They must require daily exercise time
  • Feeling lonely can lead to depression or anxiety
  • bark a lot
  • Have to give the separate daily time of the owner
  • Become annoying when getting bored


Overall, parti poodles are great pets in your home. Parti poodles are more attractive than coats, just like solid-colored poodles. But you have to take care and give them some time for your parti poodle. So why are you waiting? Grab a parti poodle for your family.


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