Top 10 Longest Living Dog Breeds

Are you interested in adopting a dog but wondering which are the longest living breeds, then you are in the right place?

In this article, we discuss the top 10 longest-living dog breeds.

Before you know about the top 10 longest-living dog breeds, let’s take a look at those factors that determine how long your puppy will live.

Factors that determine canine longevity

This may sound weird and silly, but the size is essential. Generally, small dog breeds live longer than large dog breeds.

According to some statistics,10 to 15 percent of large dog breeds live more than ten years. On the other hand, more than 40% of small dogs live ten years or more.

Genetics is the next factor that can determine the longevity of dog breeds. Like humans, dogs have some hereditary diseases. Health is a problem, and some species are more prone to certain conditions.

For example, the German Shepherd and Rottweiler are more prone to cancer. The same goes for the Golden Retriever, a favorite puppy. One way to reduce the risk of cancer is to spray and neutralize. Many experts recommend spraying to prolong the life of your dog.

Gender plays a role. Statistically, female dogs live up to two years longer than male dogs. Considering everything, the female, mixed-breed, and small dogs will live the longest.

Last but not least, dental health is crucial in this matter because they don’t brush their teeth like us. However, it is essential to chew toys and food to take care of their teeth. Proper dental hygiene can prevent further health complications.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is one of the ancient dog breeds. Although small, they were regarded as highly watchful in Tibetan palaces and monasteries. Lhasa Apsos are loving and loyal to their owners but wary of strangers. Lhasa Apsos leads a very long lifespan with 12-14 years on average.


Dachshund can be another longest living breed. The average lifespan of this Dachshund is around 12 to 16 years. These dachshunds can have age-related health problems, especially back problems, leading to obesity. Dachshunds may not be the best pets for young children because they can be aggressive if not properly trained and socialized.

Shih Tzu

The friendly and adaptive Shih Tzus usually survives at 15 years of age or older. These dogs were bred to mate and only needed a few days of walking and playing. Their long coats need to be brushed daily or clipped regularly. The variety is generally healthy but prone to orthopedic and eye problems.


Beagle is one of the oldest dog breeds. In real life, Beagles are intelligent, loving, gentle and friendly. Like most medium-sized dogs, Beagles usually live around 12 years.

Jack Russell terrier

The Jack Russell terrier is another small breed that lives up to 16 years. Jack Russell’s terriers were bred to work, and they retain that drive and energy. The life expectancy of this breed is 13 to 18 years. Probably their high energy factor is living for such a long time.

Australian cattle dog

This Australian cattle dog has a longer lifespan than other dogs. This Australian breed can usually reach 16 years of age or older. This dog is brilliant with a high work drive. They are lively, curious, and attention seekers. They thrive in an active home, participating in dog sports and other activities.


Pomeranians are a bit friendly but sometimes a bit bossy. These dogs are generally very loyal to their families and can play the role of a mini guard dog. While they may be intimidating, continuous training can turn them into great family pets that can survive 16 years or more.

Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terriers are a prevalent and also brilliant toy breed. Although they are loyal and affectionate to their families, they have terrier traits, including solid guard instincts and voices. They can be potential good watchdogs. It is not uncommon for a Yorkie to live to be 15 years old or older.

Toy poodle

Toy poodles are very sassy and intelligent toy poodles. They can be a great family pet. But do not underestimate the value of their energy or mental stimulation. 18 years can be the average lifespan of this breed. However, the species is at risk of orthopedic problems and eye diseases.


The chihuahua is one of the longest living dog breeds among all the others. Some of them survive for 15 years, and some live as long as 20 years. These small dogs need a lot of mental stimulation, exercise, and training. Though they are very healthy, they are prone to eye and heart problems.

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All the above breeds are listed in the top 10 longest living dog breeds. If you genuinely need to adopt some of them, this article might help you.

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