10 Most Popular Labrador Puppies Names.

Do you have a Labrador retriever with you? Well, it is going to fill up spaces for both a sweet companion as well as a working dog. However, they are living with a famous identity for ages which is “ fisherman’s helpers”. This breed tops the list of all types of dogs. A Labrador is the best breed you could ever find. So if you don’t have one then hurry up and welcome a new friendly member of your family. Also, a Labrador of modern times is more sensitive, but they got their hardworking and brave characteristics from their ancestors. Furthermore, these Labradors are now also suitable for jobs like assistance dogs, show competitors, rescue dogs, and likewise.

Is there a cute Labrador puppy roaming around you right now? What is its name? Let me guess, you didn’t come up with a name yet, right? So you are knocking at the right doorstep. This article introduces to you the topmost meaningful Labrador retriever names.

Labrador puppies name trends

Labrador is a very popular breed worldwide. Therefore, whatever names you give to your dog, it is going to trend all across the world as the top names. However, there still exist some specific trends like names ending with the suffix “ee”. Moreover, this suffix mostly reflects on the breed’s lovable and joyous nature. Also, most of the human names suit very well on this breed. Furthermore, the top 10 Labrador dog names are all human names.

Advice for choosing a Labrador puppy name.

If you are facing trouble in finding a proper name for your baby dog, just keep in mind that the best names come from many different sources. These sources can be food, emotions, human names, heritage, celebrities, and many more. For example, you can name your Labrador Midnight, which is a color-themed moniker.

Additionally, make sure that you don’t name you dog with a very common word. As it may create confusion for him to learn commands and likewise. Give proper and understandable dog names. For example, don’t name your dog as “Bit” as when you will command him to “sit”, it may create confusion or mishearing.

The top 10 Labrador retriever names to name your dog are:-

1. Bailey- This name tops the list of all the names assigned for a Labrador. This name sounds a bit girly but will also sound cute on a male Labrador breed. Moreover, Bailey is derived from the English word “ bailiff” or “berry clearing”. Also, I guess you heard about the dog film- ‘ A dog’s purpose’. The main protagonist of this film is a doggy whose name is Bailey.

2. Bella- This name is the second most popular and preferred name for a Labrador breed. And this name perfectly suits a Labrador. This word has the same meaning in many different languages. Bella means “ beautiful” in languages like Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, and Greek.

3. Milo- If your baby puppy is a brave one then name him this. Milo means “soldiers” or “merciful”. And also this name became popular in the movie “The Mask”.

4. Poppy- The best podium Labrador names male goes to “Poppy”. There is a very popular and beautiful red flower which has the same name as Poppy. This word is very sweet and meaningful as well. Also, the word “poppy” has some other meaning too. This meaning is “milk of happiness”.

5. Luna- Well Luna is a very common yet beautiful word. Even if you don’t know the meaning, it is very clear that it has something to do with the Moon. Well this word itself refers to the Moon. And in Roman mythology, Luna is the name of the moon goddess.

6. Buddy- Well this is the US president Bill Clinton’s Labrador’s name. However, this word means “genuine friends”.

7. Charlie- This is one of the best Labrador names male It comes from the original name “Charles” and this name means “free”. Isn’t it a nice name? And it will also go well with your dog.

8. Max- Instead of Max you can also use the full name which is “Maximus”. A name that can be used in two ways, what else do you want to call your dog. You can also use one as the main name and the other as a nickname.

9. Willow- This name has a very unique meaning. And this meaning perfectly goes with a lovable Labrador puppy. The main meaning of this word is “ grace and elegance”.

10. Cooper- This word is a very common dog name but it is still trendy. Copper is derived from the word “ barrel maker”. This word gives a whole different vibe. So make your brave dog vibe up more with this as its signature name.

 Final words

The above-given names are the best as a Labrador puppy name. And I am sure that your little dog is also going to love these names. So go for it!

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