Male vs. female German Shepherd: What are the differences?

German Shepherds are the most excellent paw buddies you can ever find. They’re the best family-friendly dog that you can find.

They’re so loyal and protective of their masters and their families all the time. But often, while choosing German Shepherds, confusion arises regarding gender.

It’s often confusing regarding which gender of German Shepherd to choose: male or female. So to ease you into the matter, you need to know about the difference between male and female German Shepherd.

Differences between male and female German Shepherd :

 The male German Shepherds are taller and stronger physically than the female ones. While the female German Shepherds are strong enough to protect themselves, they’re certainly shorter in height.

  • There’s no evidence that male German Shepherds have more health issues than females. If taken the proper care and given adequate food, they don’t face any health issues.
  • However, the female lives longer than the male German Shepherds.
  • They’re also easier to train and are far better with children.
  • The male German Shepherds are more aggressive, dominant, and protective than females.
  • But the females have a calmer behavior and are primarily excellent and patient with other dogs.

Training differences – male vs. Female German Shepherds

German Shepherds are known for being one of the most intelligent breeds, but when it comes to training, it can sometimes be challenging if not used the correct methods.

As highly intelligent as German Shepherds are, they need to be trained with a lot of patience and time. The German Shepherds usually have a natural curiosity about things and sometimes can listen and understand commands quickly. They’re easier to train when compared to other breeds of dogs, but sometimes the male German Shepherds are very dominant and more mature than the females, which can be an issue while training them. Females are easier to prepare as they tend to appease their owners. They’re also more focused and sensitive when training and can catch it quicker than the male ones because they’re shorter and faster.

Male and female German Shepherds Difference: personality

 Male and female German Shepherds have different personalities. The male German Shepherds are more aggressive and dominant all the time. They have more prominent large and masculine features, which can show some signs of masculinity too. The males are also very territorial and protective of their home, yards, etc., which can be a problem resulting in foul odor. They’re aggressively possessive about their items like food, toys, bed and can even harm other dogs if he tries to take any of those things. But you can control the unwanted and aggressive behavior of a male German Shepherd by training them from a very young age.

However, to the contrary, the female German Shepherds are less aggressive and far less protective of their belongings. But sometimes, the females get more attached to their caretakers and handlers, which is when they become possessive of those few people.

Socialization between male and female German Shepherds

The male German Shepherds can like and get along with all the family members, but they tend to get more attached with the handlers or caretaker who takes care of them or spend most of their time with them. The females can bond strongly with anyone who shows affection or feeds her. The female German Shepherds are more friendly and social than the male ones. They’re more loving and gentle towards the little kids of the family than the male ones. Although the male German Shepherds are not of any risk to the children, as they’re very playful, often while playing, the children can get hurt unintentionally.

Which is the better option Between male and female German Shepherds?

You can choose either a male or female German Shepherd to pet as it depends upon your preference. You need to inform your choice specifically and the characteristics you’re looking for in the breeder. It would help you know if you got the male or the female German Shepherd. Before buying, you can sometimes watch and observe the cute female and male German Shepherds or talk to someone who owns one.

Although it’s a personal opinion that depends on preference and purpose, getting a female German Shepherd pup is better if you’re planning to breed German Shepherds. Even if you have a family with children and little ones, you can consider getting a female German Shepherd pup as they’re very gentle and caring.

However, if it comes to protecting a house or bungalow, you can go for a male German Shepherd, but they do need to be fed more often and in large portions than females.


Male German Shepherds are somehow different from female German Shepherds in personality, socialization skills, physical, etc. Therefore sometimes it can be challenging to figure out which one to get as a pet which is then the male vs. female German Shepherd situation arises. You need to know your purpose of keeping the pet and the characteristics you’re looking for before you choose the gender of a German Shepherd.

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